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Survey work


Our staff are proficient in all aspects of benthic intertidal and subtidal fieldwork.  We offer a wide range of ecological survey services including Annex I and II habitat surveys, intertidal biotope assessment, intertidal coring and subtidal grab sampling. Through our associates we can offer a more comprehensive list of disciplines including dive surveys, drop down video surveys and the production of GIS mapping, commercial and recreational fisheries surveys, marine mammal observation, marine microbiology and marine phytoplankton.


Hebog’s commitment to continued professional development means that all of our staff are qualified in personal sea survival techniques, first aid, all-terrain vehicle use and hold VHF radio licenses. 


Recent projects we have collaborated on include intertidal surveying in Ireland (biotope assessment and coring on a number of shores) and monitoring cockle beds in the Solway Firth, to assist Marine Scotland in determining the health of the fisheries and the availability of food for seabirds. 

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